I went to St. Paul to shoot Jennifer’s head shot session, and we had an amazing time.  Her back yard and front porch provided beautiful light, and we went over to Como Park for more portraits too!  I’m loving Jennifer’s radiant smile, it matches her personality!

Jennifer is both a creative business coach and mentor, as well as the owner of Crystaline Light.

Here’s what Jennifer told me about her business:

My work both through mentoring creative and soul businesses to grow and through selling crystals and spiritual tools all comes down to finding clarity. Clarity about your life, your energy, your business. Clarity can bring us to places we didn’t know existed and is a base for conscious and intentional steps to grow and move forward, whether in your personal life or in your work. I really love helping people get to this point and see them expand into more of who they truly are, which is always brilliant and perfect (even when it might not feel like it). It’s my passion and it’s an honor to be a witness to this process.”

Contact Jennifer at, where you will find essential oils, candles, and other goodies for energetic living or  for more information on her business coaching.




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