Seniors should feel calm, confident and in their element during their high school senior pictures.  I want to find a balance between what mom likes, and what the senior likes.  Especially for a session like this one.   We did John’s St. Paul senior portraits at Como Conservatory .  These pictures were in addition to his yearbook photo.  His school took the year book picture, so these were just for him (but yes his mom too) and needed to be more authentic.

st paul senior portraits at como conservatory
Why do we put hands in the pockets for senior portraits? Because many guys naturally like to stand this way.
Sitting for your senior portrait. Easy pose and with a smile.
For your senior portraits lean on something. This is another pose that reflects how many guys naturally stand in real life.
A little more serious senior portrait by adding crossed arms.
A red checked dress shirt stands out against the greens at Como Conservatory.
The conservatory has interesting light. This pose wouldn’t work facing the camera, but in profile view it’s natural and interesting.
It’s okay to not look at the camera for some senior portraits.

A classic black and white senior portrait.
Be proud of your accomplishments, wear your letter jacket.

St. Paul senior portraits for guys at Como Conservatory

A letter jacket is a good way to show your accomplishments without bring a ton of props to your senior shoot.
Snow blowing off the roof, perfectly timed for this winter portrait.
How to sit without sitting for a portrait in the snow.
The snow can be bright during portraits, so we find shade with architectural details.
close up st. paul senior portraits with letter jacket
A close up portrait with the letter jacket.
St. Paul senior portraits in winter outside Como Conservatory wearing a sweater
A stone walkway and just enough snow.
Stay warm for St. Paul senior portraits in winter by walking.
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