Golden summer evenings, and portrait adventures on the lake are a few hidden benefits of summer family pictures.   Here are all the reasons I think summer is the best time for family pictures in Minnesota.  

Reasons you need summer family pictures in Minnesota.

Lush fields of grass.

Green grass is magical in summer portraits.  Fields are in full bloom, and lawns are lush.  It’s the best time for little ones to play in the grass.

Well rested kids.

By June the pressure of school is over and your kids are enjoying their free time. I’ve noticed even the most energetic kids are a little more chill in summer family pictures.

Warm summer evenings.

Summer days bring sun, and summer evenings have gentle warmth.  This is the best weather for an evening walk in the park or fun portraits playing in the backyard.

Lake time!

The best time for lakeside portraits is summer.  Get barefoot and take a walk on the beach for your summer family pictures.

Staying up late.

Golden summer twilight feels like it lasts forever.  If you want golden-hour family pictures, summer really is the best time for these. 

No coats or sweaters.

It’s incredibly easy to plan portrait outfits for your kids in the summer.  Simple t-shirts, rompers, and tank tops. Things you probably have at home. No need to shop for a bunch of extra clothing to bundle up in layers.

Life is less hectic in summer.

Summer is the best time for family activities. When fall comes it feels like you’re constantly rushing around. Your time is sucked away by school, homework, sports, weekend errands and pre-holiday tasks.  Time for family portraits is much harder to come by in the fall.

It feels good to have one less things to worry about for fall.

Imagine the feeling of having your holiday card pictures ready to send by the time September comes around.  It will feel so good!  Summer family pictures can do this for you!

Schedules are more open.

Both photographer schedules and family schedules tend to be more open in the summer.  Combine this with the bonus of longer daylight on summer evenings and you can see why summer is the best time for family pictures. You can pick a convenient time for your portraits too, instead of settling for a not so ideal appointment slot to get last minute fall pictures.

If this blog has you convinced that summer family pictures are the best, I’d love to help you plan portraits for your family. I’m a lifestyle family photographer south of the Minneapolis Area. Contact me here.