Belle Plaine Minnesota Barn Wedding at Rubies and Rust | Ta + Paul

Minnesota Barn Wedding  |  Ta + Paul

Southern Minnesota has unique summer weather.   It was over 100 for this wedding, and winds were gusting through the farm fields at over 4o miles per hour.  I realized right away we needed some adjustments to the wedding photography plans.  Rubies and Rust did a wonderful job of relocating the ceremony from the field to inside the barn.  We moved group pictures to the back of the barn to avoid the wind.  Everyone had frequent breaks to stay hydrated and get out of the sun. Ta and Paul are so easy going and positive.  Everything about their wedding day turned out beautifully.


A single blue gem in Ta’s bouquet in memory of her father, who passed before the wedding.

When it’s 100 degrees by noon, moving the first look inside the farm house is a good plan.

Minnesota Barn Wedding at Rubies and Rust

Minnesota Barn Wedding Rubies and Rust

Skylight windows in the barn gave us beautiful light for the ceremony.

Living in Belle Plaine, I have plenty of experience with our crazy weather.  I knew that sunset would not disappoint us.  The winds died down.  The temperature dropped.   The light was perfect, and we were able to create some seriously beautiful family portraits.  Ta and Paul wanted to make sure their two little girls were included in the wedding day, and this short break from the reception was the perfect way to for the four of them to have special portraits together.

After sunset portraits were finished everyone went back to the barn and spent the rest of the night having a really good dance party.  Ta & Paul’s Minnesota barn wedding at Rubies and Rust in Belle Plaine was awesome.



Second Photographer Heather

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