Minnesota Wedding Photographer | Destination Wedding Engagement

Angel and Serch are an amazing couple to work with!  They were open to doing as many fun poses as we could fit in during our pre-wedding shoot.  They’re having a destination wedding this month.  A photographer is part of their wedding package, but that photographer couldn’t do anything in the way of engagement pictures for them because of the distance.  To play it safe, they aren’t taking their rings with them on the plane, so it was a must that we shoot those too.  Thank you both for an afternoon spent having a blast!2014-10-01_00032014-10-01_00022014-10-01_0001 2014-10-01_0005 2014-10-01_00042014-10-03_00162014-10-01_00062014-10-01_00082014-10-01_00072014-10-01_0009

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