Kaelah and Marshall’s Adventurous Waterfall Engagement Pictures

When Kaelah told me she and Marshall wanted engagement pictures with a waterfall I did a happy dance!  I always ask couples what they like to do for fun together.  These two said they like to hike.  This is perfect because so do I.  That’s why engagement pictures at Minneopa Falls was a great choice for their session.

We started with pictures on the bridge over the waterfall.   The awesome part about standing on the bridge is you can hear and feel the powerful surge of water as it falls.  Minneopa Creek plunges 40 feet over the gorge on its way to the Minnesota River.  It’s something you have to experience if you love waterfalls.


Hiking To A Waterfall For Your Engagement Pictures

Once you’re over the bridge there are beautiful rock formations on the way down to the waterfall.  It’s a fun little spot to get a romantic picture or two.  The hike also gets more challenging the further down you go.  After you pass the rock formations there’s no paved trail.  The challenge of the hike is worth it!  The entire hike is spectacular, with more rock formations and beautiful trees.

Down in the gorge at the foot of the falls, it was like Kaelah and Marshall were the only two people in the world.  (I was a third wheel on this date in the best way possible!)   Once you’re at the waterfall it’s breathtaking.  You can feel the powerful rush of the water rumbling through the air.  This year the creek was high and the falls were fierce.

(a must-have pose in front of Minneopa Falls for romantic waterfall engagement pictures Mankato)

Adventure Engagement Pictures Mankato Mn

When we hiked the trail back from the waterfall we stopped to take a quick break.  I looked upstream and realized the view from the little sand beach we were standing on was beautiful.  I love the way the trees framed the creek and the couple.  Pictures here were a great addition to this engagement shoot.

Marshall picked Kaelah up and twirled her around for an awesome shot.  It captured the playfulness and the excitement of their relationship.  When I can communicate raw emotions through your photographs as we did here, I feel like it’s mission accomplished for your engagement shoot.

Best Season For Waterfall Engagement Pictures

If you’re in Minnesota and want engagement pictures with a waterfall the best time to do them is early spring, fall or winter.  This is when mosquitos are gone and the humidity is low.  I want you to be comfortable in your engagement pictures.  If we do a challenging hike I want us to have good weather and a good time.  You can learn more about Minneopa State Park here.

I’m a wedding and portrait photographer in the Belle Plaine area.  I travel all over Minnesota for engagement sessions.  If you like what you see get in touch with me here to learn about planning your own waterfall engagement session.