Wedding dress alterations make a big impact on your wedding photography.

You being comfortable in your wedding pictures is important to me.  I want you to feel free, be your awesome self, and live in the moment on your wedding day.  A wedding dress that fits you is something you need for this to happen.

I’ve seen all kinds of wedding dresses over the years.  Small issues with the fit of your dress might not bother you when you’re trying it on.  After you wear it for a few hours at the wedding, well that’s another story.

My friend Nickie is an amazing seamstress who took care of dress alterations for Madison and Joseph’s wedding in the pictures here.  So, I asked Nickie a few questions for this blog.  She has some great advice for anyone in need of wedding dress alterations.

Does everyone need wedding dress alterations?

Nickie says, “I think the majority of the time there is something that needs to be done.  Unless the gown is made either by me or someone else, specifically for you, all of them are mass-produced. Not one person is perfect for the bridal companies’ measurements.  Some companies will say the gown is made to your measurements.  All that means is that it will fit a little closer.  Some times it’s just the cups, a few little tweaks or a bustle.”

As a photographer, I can tell you from experience, get that bustle if it’s recommended for your dress!  It makes a difference when you’re navigating through an entire day.  Being able to safely secure all that fabric and not worry about it at the reception will make you feel more confident.  This will help you have a night full of carefree dancing.

Do you need wedding dress alterations if you have a quick elopement? 

Nickie recommends that if you purchase a floor-length or shorter dress from a chain store for your elopement and you feel good in it, don’t touch it.  She says, “How you feel in it (the dress) is everything!!”  

What’s one really important thing to know about dress alterations?

Nickie says the most important thing is to not be intimidated by the process.  To find the right person for your wedding dress alterations she has some really good advice, “Ask lots of questions and feel comfortable with them.  If you aren’t comfortable with the person who is going to be up close and personal with you, as well as spending a lot of money with them for your very special day, go with your gut.  Find someone else who makes you feel comfortable.”

How to find the right person to work on your alterations.

Reasons I recommend Nickie to people who need wedding dress alterations are that she’s passionate and has experience.  You need to interview anyone you’re going to trust with your wedding dress alterations, just like you do with your wedding photography or other services.  Ask about their specific experiences.  What makes them an expert at alterations?  Also, ask them what they love most about their work.  It’s worth investing in someone passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to altering your dress.

More About Nickie’s Alterations

I asked Nickie about her passion and experience in wedding dress alterations.  She is beyond passionate about her work.   From simple fixes of the dress fit, to remaking dresses into custom masterpieces, she loves creating beautiful things.  For her, a client smiling in a well-fitting dress is the most beautiful thing of all. She says “The heartfelt Thank You that I receive is everything to me.”

When it comes to experience, Nickie said she’s been sewing since she was three!  Her mom kept fabric scraps from gowns she worked on and taught Nickie how to sew with them.  She took 4 years of sewing in high school and has a degree in Fashion.

She treats every single person like they’re her only client, regardless of how much altering their dress needs.  She is exactly the kind of person I’d trust with my wedding dress.

Nickie makes and alters almost everything wedding related. Gowns, bridesmaid dresses, Mother of the Bride, Flower Girls, Veils, Garters, Ties, Jewelry.  After talking to her, you’ll need her more than you realized.  She has a lot of resources and advice too and is always open to questions.  You can contact Nickie, see more of her work and read reviews on the Nickie’s Alterations Facebook page here:

One last thought

As I’m writing this we’re experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic.  While Minnesota’s Stay-At-Home Order is in effect alterations can’t move forward because they require meeting in-person to pin and measure.  I asked Nickie what advice she had for people navigating their wedding planning during this time when every event is affected by the pandemic.   Her advice: “All we can do is be patient with one another, and stay safe and healthy.”


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