Embracing Hygge for a winter wedding.

Minnetonka wedding photography with Renee and Coskun.

Renee and Coskun decided to embrace hygge for their Minnetonka wedding photography.  So I embraced this concept alongside them.  As a result, I  received a reminder of how beautiful and simple a wedding can be.  Hygge is perhaps one of the most elegant things to introduce into your winter wedding.  Hygge is pronounced Hue-guh.  It’s a Danish word that describes the feeling of warmth, coziness, and simplicity.  Likewise, hygge is deep, and can’t be translated into just one English word.  It’s also about experiencing all this warm contentment with your closest family and friends in a place that feels like home.


a couple poses for their winter wedding photography in Minnetonka Minnesota

A Hygge wedding is about people and emotion.

I learned from Renee and Coskun that hygge is a word of feelings and concepts.
Hygge at your wedding is about more than candles and decor.  Those things are important to create a warm atmosphere, but people are needed to complete the equation.  It deeply involves your guests and emotions of your wedding day.  Whether you have 100 guests or 15 guests, hygge happens when everyone soulfully connects at your wedding.

Personal details matter for a hygge wedding.

Your personal details always matter at your wedding.  They represent your relationship.  When your goal is hygge, personal details add to the warmth and comfort of your wedding.  Also, Coskun is Turkish, so the couple incorporated the nazar or bonjuck talisman into their decor, which represents an eye and protects against evil.

This couple had a candlelight ceremony held in front of the fireplace at home.  It was cozy and fun for their guests.  Also I enjoyed the artistry of capturing that candlelight glow in their pictures. The goal of these pictures is for this couple to feel warm and happy every time they look back at this moment.

I completed my evening of wedding photography in Minnetonka by taking special care to capture the details of the dining table where everyone would sit together as a family for a celebratory meal.  Candlelight and warmth radiated from every corner of the room.  It was romantic.  It was hygge.   Most importantly, it was what Renee and Coskun wanted for their wedding.

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