One of the challenging parts of planning a wedding yourself is managing your vendor emails.  Here are five ways to streamline the process and make your inbox more joyful.

Make a wedding email account now!  
When my sister got married I bought a ticket to the wedding fair so I could go with her.   The number of emails I received exploded both my brain and my inbox.  Some companies sent out an email every single day!! I learned you need a separate email dedicated to wedding planning.   Use your wedding hashtag, wedding date, or a special phrase as your address.  Gmail’s ability to tag and sort emails from your phone on the go is the best for staying organized, and you can use Google Drive to keep track of important documents you receive.

Begin your search with an email on the wedding vendor’s contact page.  It’s tempting to message right from Facebook, Instagram, or text.  Keeping your wedding communications all in one place, at your wedding email, will save you from searching for price quotes and info across multiple inboxes.  Go to the vendor’s website.  Have a good look around and use that contact form.  Wedding professionals check their email frequently.  We are excited to read new messages and connect with you!  PLUS we use contact form info and email tags to help us stay organized, which benefits you.

Monitor your spam, add favorite vendors to your contacts or safe list.  Many, many email service providers are cracking down on spam.   Especially if the vendor sends a price list as an attachment, your email provider will flag it as spam if you don’t have frequent contact history with the sender.  I use a professional, secured domain email account.  I’ve had the same account for over 5 years.  I have credentials as a safe no spam sender.  I’ve still had my emails to couples go to spam until they put me in their address book. 

Email Tips For After You Book Your Vendors

Unsubscribe to newsletters you don’t need.  Then, let vendors know you’ve chosen someone else.  It might feel like extra work to send out emails and hit unsubscribe for vendors you don’t want to hire, but this cleans up your inbox after you’re done hiring your wedding team.  It also prevents you from staying on mailing lists as an interested couple.  Then you’ll also reduce the number of emails you get as you finalize your plans, making it even easier to find important emails.  Plus, if you’re an indecisive person you don’t want to be bombarded with extra emails.  You want to move on from your decisions to concentrate on the next planning steps.

Once you book your vendors make sure you are clear on contact preferences.  If you like using texts or the phone instead of email, be upfront about this.  If you love email most, let them know.  This will help everyone stay organized and there will never be a question of how you should be contacted.

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 Bonus: Try The Wedding Hashtag Generator   

I’m a Minnesota wedding photographer who wants to help you stay organized.  If you’re looking for a wedding photographer you can send me a message HERE .