How Jenni & Evan had their winter engagement pictures near Minneapolis in the snow.

When we planned this winter engagement session we patiently waited for snow.  I figured by mid-December there would be some.  When there was none in December we decided to wait until January.  It was the best choice because we got the perfect snowy day.

I dressed up my camera with a rain jacket and we were all set to be immersed in snowflakes for this winter engagement session.

Where can you have your winter engagement pictures near Minneapolis?

Picking a location for winter engagement sessions near Minneapolis is different than in times when the grass is green.  Places with pine trees or Christmas Tree Farms are a popular choice. Also, south of Minneapolis there’s less pine and more oak forest so I like to look for places where the forest is dense with large trees.  This adds contrast in the snowy landscape for your winter engagement pictures.  Some of the trees in this spot were 100 years old, which is a fun thing to see in person!

What do you bring to your Minneapolis winter engagement session?

Bringing a blanket to cuddle under gives you a way to interact together during your winter engagement session.  The best sized blanket is one that the two of you can be comfortable snuggling in.  I like the blanket this couple used.  It was the perfect size to avoid dragging or dropping in the snow.

We had to move quickly for this snowfall, because it was getting heavier, so instead of being complicated with posing we kept things natural, simple and cuddly.  This is the best way to quickly create engagement photos you’ll love.  These pictures feel like having fun while living life during a Minnesota winter. 

What should you wear for outdoor winter engagement photos in Minnesota?

What  you’re comfortable in and can move freely in.  With layers underneath to keep warm.  The vibrant jewel tone colors Jenni & Evan wore stood out against the white of the snow.  They also had clothing that didn’t wrinkle easily.  This meant they could quickly change or sit in  the warm car for a minute and still have outfits that looked fresh.

I love that they brought their football jerseys because we were weeks away from the Super Bowl.  Football and the Vikings Packers rivalry are another wonderful part of Minnesota winters. 

After this engagement session was over the couple decided to go ice fishing.  They told me they had a really fun time at this session, caught some fish on the lake, and had a great weekend after.  This is why engagement sessions are important.  They’re another way to give focus to your relationship. For winter engagement portraits or otherwise, you’re all ready out and having fun.  After the session you can extend your date night.


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I’m an engagement photographer in the Minneapolis area who enjoys getting outdoors for an adventure wth fun portraits in the snow.   Contact me for more information on planning your own winter engagement session.  Both Vikings & Packers fans are welcome 😉