A White Bear Lake Engagement Shoot With Kim & Dan.

When I plan engagement shoots with my couples, my first question is always, “What do you like to do together?”  If I can find a way to include your hobbies and everyday activities in your engagement shoot I will.  This makes a shoot that’s genuine, and it shows a little slice of your life together as a couple.  Kim and Dan like to be on the water and fish.  So that’s what we did for their White Bear Lake Engagement Shoot.

a couple stands on the dock for their white bear lake engagement shoot

A picture perfect sky and the bluest water ever were waiting for us when we started our engagement shoot on White Bear Lake.  First thing first, we needed to get on the dock and take advantage of this!

a couple goes fishing for their white bear lake engagement shoot

We found a sweet little spot under the bridge for engagement pictures while fishing.  This is one of those times where I wish I had someone taking my picture too because I bet I looked pretty funny crouched down in the mud between the weeds.  Anything for the shot, right?

engagement shoot fishing lure

This personalized fishing lure the couple has is sweet and so pretty!

I love starting the shoot before sunset to get a little bit of glowing sun flare early on.  Fall the colors were a little unpredictable this year.  The leaves stayed green forever.  The warm tint of the sun helped it look more like fall.

A lot my engagement photography is unposed.  I have you interact, and you spend a lot of time looking in each other’s eyes, or away from the camera. I like to include a traditional looking at the camera shot once in a while.  This way you get a variety of pictures.  There’s something to be said about a nice timeless portrait.  I really like this one of Kim and Dan.

Towards the end of our shoot, the sun started going down low, which was the perfect time to make a silhouette against the (almost) cloudless blue sky.

As we walked back towards the parking lot I had a “moment”.  This happens a lot during shoots.  We’re walking through our location and talking, and all the while my brain is thinking about how can we make another really awesome picture different than the ones we already did.  Then I see a good angle and yell “stop right there!”   I direct you how to pose, and we get something really awesome like the pictures below.

fall colors for an engagement shoot at white bear lake matoska park
matoska park in white bear lake engagement photos

This was a fun shoot that I didn’t want to end.  Eventually, the sun goes down and you’re a little tired.  Dan and Kim had stew in the crockpot at home.  They needed to reward themselves for a job well done on this shoot!

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