One Year Anniversary Photos

Brittany and Sean wanted to do something special for their first anniversary.  They bought a home and are proud of the fireplace and awesome bar they worked on.  The couple also wanted to visit their ceremony site at Bluff Creek again.  This became the perfect opportunity for Sean to get his revenge on Brittany for putting cake in his face last year.

Before we get to the cake:  Here are environmental portraits at their home to capture the bar and fireplace.

Bluff Creek Ceremony Site

Next we went to their ceremony site and Bluff Creek.  The plan was to have a little picnic to celebrate the couple’s anniversary and create a really laid back, fun photo shoot.  To our surprise the venue’s wedding arch from their wedding was all set up!

Wedding Anniversary Cake Smash Story

The cake smashing came into play because at their wedding reception Sean took a face full of cake (see it here).  He spared Brittany from also getting cake in her face, because he knew her make up needed to last through the first dance and their sunset photos, and her wedding make up was an investment he did not want to ruin.  What a nice guy he is!   This wedding anniversary cake smash was the perfect reason to make sure Brittany got her cake in the face.  All in the name of love, of course.

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