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Perfect Snow | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer { Perfect Snow | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer } Minneapolis on a Sunday morning.   I had a photo shoot at the Guthrie Theater.  I got there early.  I went to the 9th floor, excited to get a few p... VIEW POST
Monday Motivation | Get Centered close up picture with blades of grass Motivate Me On Mondays I love what I do, I'm completely thankful for it, but Mondays are not always the easiest.  Monday motivation is often needed, because  I spend weekends shooting.   I'm away fro... VIEW POST
Review Of Forever Thine Wedding Workflow For Lightroom By Sleeklens Preset Creator:  SleekLens In the Workflow: 112 presets and 23 brushes.  This workflow is huge.  It has plenty of documentation on how to use everything included, and I had... VIEW POST
How To Find A Committed Wedding Photographer Often I receive calls or emails from couples who need a last minute wedding photographer because theirs has disappeared or canceled with no explanation.  The following tips are based on what couples t... VIEW POST
Photography Honors Your Life green plant with dew drops Yesterday was kind of a crazy day.  This morning I'm still reflecting on it, and I think that means it's worth sharing.If you're a client or you've followed my work for any amount of time you know... VIEW POST
Advice From A Magician on Photography I cuddled into the couch with my husband for some Netflix time the other night, trying to find a show we could both enjoy.We watched the documentary The Magic of Houdini.  In it there was an inter... VIEW POST