Motivate Me On Mondays

I love what I do, I’m completely thankful for it, but Mondays are not always the easiest.  Monday motivation is often needed, because  I spend weekends shooting.   I’m away from my desk, my to do lists, my task management.  I end up having tons of ideas and thoughts stored up after the weekend. There is so much I want to accomplish on Mondays, it’s very easy to fall off track.  It can be overwhelming.

So what do I do?  I center myself.  Because if I don’t, my Mondays go to heck.

How do I center myself?  I wish I could say it was something profound like meditation.  It’s totally not.  That works for me sometimes, but not on Mondays.  I tried, and tried to make that work.

I tried a variety of other “normal” things I read about in blogs and heard about from fellow business owners.  Walking, yoga, working out till I sweat, going out to a coffee shop to work, scheduling a networking meeting, waking up super early.  I grasped for some magical Monday routine that would center me.  Not even taking Mondays off worked! (That is embarrassing.)  I struggled.  I felt like something must be wrong with me.

One day I got up from the computer after failing to keep focus on Monday, gave up on working, and just drove.  I hit the scenic byway, and sang along to very loud music.  When I left my office I felt like the biggest slacker ever.  When I came back twenty minutes later I felt so much better.

The lesson: Sometimes to get centered you need to let go of what you consider a socially acceptable routine, and do what you can.  Even if it makes no sense.

How do you center yourself when coming back to the office after being away?  Leave me a note below.  I’m curious to know what works for you!