Ideas for senior picture outfits & dressing for senior pictures.

Picking out what to wear for senior pictures is the part of planning them that takes the most time.   I want you to be confident in your senior pictures and not spend hours sorting through your closet or clothes shopping.  The following tips will be helpful as you plan your wardrobe for senior pictures.

1. Wear what you love.

Wear your favorite outfit in your closet.  Even if it’s a flannel shirt and jeans because you’re going to feel the most confident in it.

2. Wear what fits you well.

When it comes to dressing for senior pictures another tip is to only wear clothing that fits you well.  You need to be comfortable in your clothing to have good pictures.

If you’re unsure of what fits you well, try everything on before your portrait appointment.  If you still need help choosing, bring a diverse wardrobe to your senior pictures, but don’t expect to wear everything you bring.  I’ll pick what I think looks best.  Many times what I pick ends up being what you like best anyway.

3. Tips for picking colors and patterns.

It’s best to bring one solid neutral-colored T-shirt.  Black, gray, blue or white works best.  This will give you a portrait with a classic, timeless look.  Dark, muted or solid colors are always a good choice.  They stand out no matter what location we’re photographing at.

Wearing patterns for your senior pictures can work if you choose a timeless pattern you love. 

The exception to this is if you want to forever remember that you loved dressing in vintage or unusual patterns wear the trend pattern. Be prepared for the reality that your pictures with trendy patterns will look dated in a year or two.

4. Dress for more than one season.

Almost all of the senior pictures I photograph are outdoors.  You can dress for the season.  Also, consider dressing for different seasons.  If it’s fall and you have a summery outfit you love you can wear it.  Want to do a jacket for summer portraits?  You can!

Layering is the key to wearing what you want for outdoor senior portraits in any season.  Whether it’s cold or hot you can adjust how you layer your clothing to keep yourself comfortable.  In cooler months you can put a base layer of a tank top, t-shirt, or leggings under a warm-weather outfit.  When it’s warm and you want a sweater you can choose one that unbuttons to keep yourself cool.

5. Incorporate things you’re passionate about.

This is important, especially for seniors who are in activities like band or orchestra, or anything else where you might not get a portrait at your activity.  Bring a musical instrument, your Eagle Scout uniform, your letter jacket, your car, hunting or sports gear.  Anything that represents what you’re passionate about at this time in your life.  This will make your portraits more personal, and a record of what life was like the year you had your senior portraits.

6. Jewelry

Jewelry falls under the rule of wear what makes you happy.  Some seniors are comfortable wearing jewelry, some don’t wear it every day and so they don’t wear it for portraits.  I’m game for trying anything that makes you feel confident.

7. A note on hair and makeup for Seniors.

I want to respect that each Senior is unique in their style.  So, if you live your life 100% makeup-free I’m also comfortable with photographing you that way.

Only get professional styling and makeup if it makes you feel your best.   If you never wear makeup but want to for portraits I can help you find a professional who can give you a natural look.  If you’re confident in doing hair and makeup yourself, go for it.

Thanks for stopping by my website and reading this blog!  I’m a senior portrait photographer based in Belle Plaine, Minnesota.  I travel in the Twin Cities metro for senior pictures.  If you like these tips and want to talk about planning your senior pictures you can contact me here.  

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