One of the most challenging parts of planning your wedding is managing your emails.  Here’s how to keep your inbox organized.

The biggest wedding planning email tip I can give you is: Don’t rely on text messages as the only way you communicate with vendors. Use email too.

Text messages are a wonderful tool for sending short or urgent messages and last-minute communication.  But, you need to use email too. This is because you’ll most likely have virtual documents sent by your vendors for invoicing and planning. For security and privacy reasons, the links to some virtual documents should only be sent by email.

Another important thing to know about email vs text messages for planning your wedding is that emails are meant to be stored longer than text messages.  Think of text messages as small, quick bits of temporary info. 

When you’re wedding planning you need to have easy access to all your vendor communication.  Often couples start communicating with vendors 12-18 months before their wedding. It’s easier to go back and search for an email than find a text from long ago, no matter how organized you are.  

Depending on how your wedding vendors run their business, they might not even use text messages for customers.  Make sure to discuss your vendor’s communication policies the first time you meet with them.

You need a separate email account for wedding planning.

 When my sister was planning her wedding I went to a wedding fair with her.  I had to use my email address to purchase a ticket.   The number of emails I received starting the day after the event was a lot!  Some vendors sent me a new email every day! This is how I first learned you need a separate email dedicated to wedding planning.

Use your wedding hashtag, wedding date, or a special phrase as your address.  Gmail’s ability to tag and sort emails from your phone on the go is the best for staying organized.  You can also use Google’s other products to be organized.  Use Drive to keep track of all important documents you receive, Calendar to keep track of meetings, Sheets for your wedding finances, and Tasks to make sure you get everything done on time.

Use the wedding vendor’s contact page to email them.

 It’s tempting to message wedding pro’s right from Facebook, Instagram, or text.  It’s 100% easier to keep your wedding communication all in one place, in your wedding email.  This saves you from searching for price quotes and info across multiple inboxes. 

Go to the vendor’s website.  Have a good look around to make sure you absolutely love them.  Then use their contact form.  Wedding professionals check their email frequently.  We’re excited to read new messages and connect with you!  PLUS we use contact form info and email tags to help us stay organized, which benefits you.

Monitor your spam and add favorite vendors to your contacts.

It’s extremely common for emails from potential wedding vendors to end up in your spam folder.  Especially if the vendor sends things like a price list as an attachment when you inquire.  Your email provider will most likely flag it as spam if you don’t have frequent contact history with the vendor.

I use a professional, secured domain email account.  I’ve had the same account for my entire business! Even with credentials as a safe no-spam sender some of my emails still go to spam until you add me to your contacts.

3 Wedding Planning Email Tips For After You Book Your Vendors

Unsubscribe to newsletters you don’t need. 

Hit unsubscribe on newsletters for all vendors you don’t need. This will keep your inbox from being full of useless emails from vendors you’re no longer interested in.

Let vendors know when you’re no longer interested in booking.

Before you move into final wedding planning tell any vendor you had a personal meeting with that you picked someone else.  If you ghost vendors they’ll keep sending follow-up emails.  Telling them not to email you anymore will also help keep your inbox organized.

Once you book your vendors be clear on contact preferences. 

If you like using texts instead of email, be upfront about this.  If you love email the most, let your vendors know.  When all your wedding vendors know the best way to contact you, it helps everyone stay organized.

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I’m a Minnesota wedding photographer who wants to help you be organized.  If you’re interested in talking about wedding photography send me a message.