There are things wedding planners do better than photographers.

I’m a wedding photographer who will do absolutely anything I need to help my couples have an amazing wedding.  So I feel it’s my job to tell you, despite how organized and experienced I am, there are reasons why you should still hire a wedding planner.


Wedding planners can coordinate every part of your wedding preparations.

Ask me about making a timeline for your wedding photography and I’m on it.  I’ll factor in travel time, first look, ceremony, family pictures, and time for all the photography things.  But there’s also more to your wedding planning than your photography timeline.

Wedding planners can keep you on track with all the prep you need to do.  They can put stamps on your invitations and record your RSVPs.  Planners can help you with your guest list and make a seating chart.    They will communicate with every single vendor for you during, before, and after your wedding day.  This means less stress and less work for you.  Wedding planners like W00t Weddings specialize in themed wedding craft projects, making it possible for you to have unique DIY decor without doing all the assembly on your own.

Could I do all these things as your photographer? I could because I really want to help you.  However, I think you deserve my honesty.  Wedding planners can handle the logistics of your entire wedding better than I can. 

Planning and handling tasks for you is the foundation of what they do.  I have over a decade of experience in wedding photography, but that doesn’t mean I’m an expert at the fine details of making a reception seating chart for 200 people or deciding which appetizers to serve.  A wedding planner will do this better than a photographer.

Wedding planners can help manage your wedding finances.

Wedding photographers are photography specialists.  Wedding planners do more to keep your wedding finances organized.

They can help make your entire budget and keep you on track with spreadsheets and documentation of your purchases.  Planners also have more experience with exactly how to organize your wedding finances so you can purchase what you need.  A lot of couples tend to look at hiring a wedding planner as an extra expense, but planners are worth it because they can help you save.  Their experience in wedding planning can help you invest wisely by identifying what you really need for your wedding, as well as what you don’t need to buy. 


Wedding planners direct your entire wedding. 

As a photographer, I often communicate with the DJ to make sure we’re on schedule for important reception events like the first dances.  Also, I do things like tracking down missing family members at portrait time, setting up your detail shots, and making sure we’re following our photography plans.  My priority at your wedding is your photography.  Your wedding planner’s priority is the coordination of all your vendors and your entire wedding day. 

They take care of the challenges that arise without interrupting your photography.  This includes things like getting on the phone with guests who need directions to the venue and making sure your reception tables are set with the correct centerpieces.

Minnesota-based MH Event Productions was a lifesaver when we had unexpected snow in October and needed to set up the ceremony inside.    The team made sure the ceremony space decor, chairs, and floral arrangements were taken care of. 

They did this all while I kept on photographing wedding portraits. If there was no wedding planner and I had to direct the move of the ceremony, photography time would’ve run late or been cut short.  Your wedding planner will be there to provide solutions that let your photography go on while they handle all the other details that come up during your wedding.


Here’s why you need a wedding planner:

 Wedding planners and wedding photographers are both skilled professionals with our own roles in making your day amazing. I specialize in your photography.  Your wedding planner specializes in coordinating and planning your entire wedding from start to finish, including the time before the photographer arrives and the time after the photographer leaves.  

If you’re confident in planning your own wedding go for it, I’m always happy to provide resources.  If you want someone who will handle every single bit of planning then consider working with a wedding planner.  There are tons of skilled planners in the Minneapolis area and you can find the right one for you.

For your wedding to truly be the best day ever, each professional who works with you will use their specialized skills to contribute to the success of the day.  This is always my goal when I’m your photographer.