The North Shore is the most peaceful place in all of Minnesota.  There’s something magical about the area surrounding Lake Superior.  Born of fire and ice as lava flowed and glaciers later carved out the rocks, this region of northern Minnesota is an ideal wedding destination for couples who crave the blissful, romantic feeling of standing on the shore at the greatest of the Great Lakes.

wedding pictures on lake superior
Wedding pictures at the North Shore in Two Harbors, Mn on a sunny September afternoon.

When is the best time for a North Shore wedding?

Each season on the North Shore has its own mood.  The best time to get married depends on what you like.  Fall is the most popular time to get married because the temperatures are mild and fall colors are spectacular.  Leaves can start to turn as early as the first week of September and can last until early November.

In general summer and fall are the most popular months in all of Minnesota for getting married, and so summer is a popular time at the North Shore too. It’s also peak tourist season since school is out for summer.

Winter and Spring are quiet times on the North Shore because snow tends to complicate travel.  For couples who love the mood of sparkling snow there’s nothing that can compare to winter on Lake Superior.

Venues for your North Shore wedding.

There are dozens of wedding venues at the North Shore, and definitely something for everyone.  Here are some that also offer great photography spots around the area. Use this list as a starting point to explore venues.

Duluth Area Wedding Venues 

Vista Fleet: Get married on a boat surrounded by Lake Superior. A unique experience for your guests.

Greysolon by Black Woods: Located near the Lake Walk.  A historic, elegant and romantic venue.

NorShore Theatre: Another historic venue within walking distance of the Lake Walk with a warm, art deco atmosphere.

Spirit Mountain: A gorgeous outdoor wedding venue high on the hillside with epic wedding photography opportunities overlooking Lake Superior.  Their indoor spaces offer breathtaking views through the windows too.

Two Harbors Area Wedding Venues

Two Harbors is a town about 30 minutes north of Duluth.  It’s home to Castle Danger Brewing (the brewer of Castle Cream Ale, which is one of my favorites!) Agate Bay, Burlington Bay and Two Harbors Lighthouse.

Superior Shores: One of the largest North shore resorts.  It has some of the best beaches and rock formations in Two Harbors. 

Larsmount Cottages:  A tranquil venue with acres of private woodlands and beach.

Private cabin rentals- Airbnb, etc: The last wedding I photographed in Two Harbors was an intimate getaway at a private cabin.  It’s worth exploring cabin rental options, especially if you want a simple ceremony in a private spot.  Contact me directly and I can give you  info on the cabin I went to.

Tettegouche State Park Weddings: Tettegouche is a great choice for adventurous couples who want wedding pictures in the wild or an intimate ceremony on the cliffs of Palisade Head overlooking Lake Superior.  The Amphitheater, Fireplace Plaza, and Multi-purpose room are also available for larger group rental.  

North shore wedding at Tettegouche State Park
Wedding pictures at Tettegouche State Park on the North Shore are a romantic adventure.

North Shore Wedding Photography Tips

Opportunities for breathtaking scenery are everywhere.  For experienced hikers we can explore rock formations and remote areas.  For the less experienced there are easy to access spots at every venue in the area  around Lake Superior’s many beaches.  Traveling to the North Shore and taking in all it’s beauty with my couples are some of the best times I’ve had as a wedding photographer.

1.It’s important to have a plan for where we’re going.  To venture out into the wilderness we’ll need to make a rough plan of where we’ll go in advance.  This allows for plenty of hiking and exploration time without missing your must have spots..  

2. Be flexible and roll with nature: The weather can change our plans.  I’ll always be prepared for what nature gives us, with tools for photographing in the rain or snow.  I like to remain flexible so you still can have great wedding photography whatever happens.

3. Wear sturdy shoes. A lot of walking around the North shore involves walking on rocks, and sometimes those rocks are uneven or wet from the waves.  Because of this I don’t recommend high heels or shoes with no tread when walking around.  Wear comfortable footwear with good tread.  

4. Sunset on Lake Superior is unique:  Sunset and twilight on Lake Superior is an experience I think every couple should have while they’re at the North Shore.  The natural light is at its best right after the sun goes down and twilight is glimmering over the water.  Plus, if we stay outside after sunset I can give you a little stargazing lesson on locating planets and constellations too!

North shore wedding at Gooseberry Falls

A photographer for your North Shore Wedding.

Hey there! I hope you found this blog helpful. I’m a Minneapolis wedding photographer who travels to the North Shore.

Now that you know more about where to get married on the North Shore and what some great photography spots are, I’d love to have a chat about your wedding, show you a full gallery from my last wedding at the North Shore, and see if I’m a good fit for your photography. Take a look at the wedding info page and contact me to schedule your chat.